Big love for reverbs, delays, nice distortion and unique sounds. 

Music with attitude – timeless & beauty, with a vibe for vintage and big hearted sounds.

We are passionate about sound engineering, love the best from analog & digital, always looking for new catchy sounds.

oh, homesick. is pure love for live recording – tracking live is where that unique magic happens. 



Lovely gear from vintage to modern. 



Dominik Balimann




I Made You A Tape

Death by Chocolate

JB Funks

the breaking news





Usually a daily rent incl. engineering is Fr. 800.00,

limited to 9 working hours. 

Mix per song is Fr. 350.00, also depending

on size of session and invested time.

Ask for an individual offer.





Stefan Allemann


Stefan Allemann

"eidg. Tontechniker FA (AES), Tontechniker FH, BA Medien- & Kommunikationswissenschaften,

Front of House and studiowork since 10 years.
passion for gear, technology, physics, good coffee.  

looking for timelessly beautiful sound aesthetics, ageless recordings & bands that give a fuck on the current commercial sound aesthetics."

Live or Studio work for: 

Halunke (Trio), Marc Amacher & Band, Veronica Fusaro, The Breaking News, Matchenko, Dominik Balimann, frischfisch, ùndicht, Death by Chocolate, Ocean Sound Orchestra, AndHerb, The Souls, Treekillaz, Gymnasium Seeland, Gymnase Français Bienne, TheTwenties, Cray, Eaglewow, JB Funks, Me Valentin & You, Hello Cleveland, Rozbueb, Dream Pilot, Jachin Baumgartner, The Fabulous Gipsy Dicks, Kulturfabrik Lyss, Parrot To The Moon, Kreuz Nidau, Andherb & the redhair express, Mirakolo, Molotov, willibald, I made you a Tape. u.v.m.